Create customizable payment workflows

Our approach to payment processing is based on a workflows-and-executions concept, allowing merchants to manage their payment setup step-by-step.

At a glance

Step-by-step payment flows

Establish a workflow for every payment use case
Design your ultimate payment workflow to solve your business’s specific pain points. Configure every step and add the right executions and actions.
Solve every payment challenge with executions and actions
Payment success at your fingertips: Activate payment executions to your workflows and watch your payments turn into powerful, profitable engines for growth.
Workflows for every possible payment scenario
From accepting payments online to payouts and cash collection, workflows enable merchants to create optimized payment processes that lead to increased payment success.
all in one

One platform that solves every payment challenge

Straightforward and easy to configure
Solves every payment challenge, from common to niche
Removes complexity from payment processes, once and for all

Tailored to your needs

We work closely with each of our customers to find a tailored solution to their specific payment challenges. Talk to our team to get a free analysis of your current payment strategy.