Cash as a checkout option

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To this day, cash still remains a widely-preferred payment method among customers worldwide. For merchants, offering cash as a payment option can be challenging as it needs proper management and handling to integrate into their financial operations. Cash handling is usually a manual process, which can be labor-intensive and pose risks such as human errors and internal fraud.

Automated cash collection can be a crucial tool for merchants looking to streamline their operations and reduce the risk of human errors and internal fraud. By implementing an automated cash collection system, merchants can trace all cash orders using ledgers and access a network of local cash collection providers through a single integration layer.

up to 30%
higher checkout conversion in emerging markets
automation with lower handling costs and fraud

In summary, automated cash collection is the perfect solution for merchants who want to offer cash as a payment method, and can help them to:

  • Increase efficiency by relieving their finance teams of manual tasks.
  • Increase revenue by reaching new customer segments that don't have access to traditional payment methods. 
  • Increase security by processing physical cash through a convenient channel that ensures the safety of logistics partners

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